Beyerskloof Winemaker, Elsa du Plessis, chats about her experience as a woman in winemaking, and why the Faith Cape Blend is her favourite. 

Born into a family of winemakers from Worcester, Elsa believes her career path chose her and not the other way around. For this leading lady at Beyerskloof, it’s not the winemaking process itself that she looks forward to every day; rather, it is the experience that follows.

The complexity of a blend

What makes the Beyerskloof experience so heartwarming for Elsa is seeing people enjoy a bottle of the Beyerskloof wine she helped create. 

“[People] are so good together, and blends are the same,” Elsa states. She names her favourite as the Faith Cape Blend 2019. While a cultivar offers its own magical journey, Elsa believes that a blend, such as the Faith, can smoothly provide a complexity that single cultivars may lack.

Spectacular Beyerskloof blends, such as the Faith and the Traildust, as well as single cultivars, such as the Diesel Pinotage or Pinotage Reserve, can lead any wine lover on a unique journey.

What makes Beyerskloof so unique?

Elsa believes the Beyerskloof brand is special because of one contributing factor: “It grows with generations.” 

The brand, according to Elsa, is “so focused” on providing a Pinotage for each generation, starting with the white label Pinotage. “You grow, you start working, you earn a little bit more money,” Elsa explains, “then you start drinking our Pinotage Reserve 2019, which is also fantastic!” And, once you are a bit older, you strive to indulge in a bottle of the elegant and refined Diesel.

Advice for aspiring winemakers

Elsa offers strong advice to any young people considering the wine industry: “Be fierce. Don’t let anyone take your shine. Do what you want to do!” 

With her knowledge, determination, and bubbly personality, Elsa forms a truly valuable part of the Beyerskloof team. 

Watch the full interview in the video. 

Beyerskloof, a wine for each generation