More room for the world’s No. 1 Pinotage …

The Beyerskloof Pinotage today is the world’s top selling bottled Pinotage wine under one label and this success has led to the construction of their new visitors’ centre. It includes spacious wine tasting and sales locales, a vinotech cellar, conference facilities and the Red Leaf indoor and outdoor restaurant. Everything now is in full operation.

This is an exceptional achievement as both the local and international markets are currently flooded with wine brands, causing a surplus of stock for most wine cellars. The wine production cellar at Beyerskloof is also being revamped with space and equipment to facilitate higher production.

South Africa is Beyerskloof’s biggest market, followed by England, Sweden and Germany. A total of 1,5 million bottles of the Beyerskloof Pinotage 2006 (cellar price R33,50) have been released on the market, while the Beyerskloof Synergy Cape Blend (R62) and the Beyerskloof Pinotage Rosé Sparkling Brut (R40) are also top sellers.

The Worlds No. 1 Pinotage - The tasting room

Beyerskloof was founded in 1988 and the first wine was sold in 1992. The tasting and sales locale was one relatively small room and stayed liked that until November 2005. The new complex took thirteen months to build.

Besides the continuous quality and value for money of the fine wines produced by this wine cellar and vineyard farm near Stellenbosch, a big part of their success is the effective marketing strategies in the past five years.

“Because South Africa is our biggest market we want to offer more to wine lovers and decided to construct an exceptional visitors’ centre at Beyerskloof, including the restaurant with wine as the theme,” says Beyers Truter, co-owner and cellar master of Beyerskloof.

According to marketing manager Francois Naudé, the capital invested in the new centre is also justified by the increase in wine tourism. To offer visitors a tangible experience is crucial to maintain and instill brand loyalty. Another motivation was the 2010 Soccer World Cup that is on the horizon.

Beyers Truter’s wife, Esmé, was the initiator and driving force behind the modern and contemporary decor of the new complex, combined with an inviting and homely atmosphere, which are the true colours of the Beyerskloof team.

The indoor and outdoor Red Leaf restaurant

The indoor and outdoor Red Leaf restaurant was established to stimulate the profile of wine in a culinary sense. The Red Leaf restaurant is open only during tasting and sales hours from Monday to Saturday. According to Beyers Truter the successful marketing and sales of the Beyerskloof Pinotage wines are made possible by the fine balance of the product and the excellent value for money that it offers. “Pinotage is perfectly suited to the classic balance of accessibility with a pure source of black berry and red berry flavours, in other words drinkable but with enough flavours and body to linger in the mouth and to be enjoyed with dishes such as curry and meat.

“The Beyerskloof Pinotage is made from the same high quality grapes and with the same dedication in the cellar as is the case with the reserve range of wines. The only difference is 40% wood treatment instead of 100% wood treatment. It is top quality in a relatively less expensive price range and in a slightly more consumer-friendly style, hence the wide appeal to both connoisseurs and the general wine loving public. It is all about just enjoying a good quality wine.”