Pinotage Brut Rose

The Brut Pinotage Rosé provides an exiting addition to our impressive range of wines. With a fresh, light and crisp character our Brut Pino- tage Rosé is produced using the Méthode Charmat and showcases the great versatility of the Pinotage varietal.

Wine Name:
Beyerskloof Brut Pinotage Rosé
100% Pinotage
Hutton, Clovelly
Bush vines
Vintage Notes:
Above average rainfall and cold weather during winter ensured a good water intake by the soils for growth season. Early budding of the vines started because of warm conditions during September. The start of sum- mer had a lot of rain as well as strong winds which caused uneven ripen- ing, smaller berries and lower yields. High temperatures during summer made for an early harvest. The 2010 harvest will be remembered for small yields especially on the red cultivar but ensured greater quality.
The juice was soaked on the skins for 12 hours, to extract sufficient amounts of colour and structure, whereafter primary fermentation took place at 12oC for almost two weeks. After crushing, the grapes went through a press where all the juice was pressed at 0.5 bar, to produce a base wine. After an additional three months on the lease the wine un- dergoes a second fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then left on the lease for another 2 – 3 months, and then bottled.

Tasting Notes: