Diesel Pinotage



Diesel Pinotage is where one truly appreciates the work done in our cellar, as the process to create this wines takes meticulous effort during tasting and blending to create a Pinotage fit to stand proudly amongst its peers. Specially selected vineyard blocks are used and hand crafted to create Pinotage which shows the true high quality of this wine. With a barrel selection process which spans over 2 years, this wine endeavours to show the superior quality level achievable with Pinotage. This wine is made to commemorate a man’s best friend and, in this case, a local legend.

Tasting notes: A big structured Pinotage with intense dark fruit flavours. A deep middle leads to a smooth finish with pleasant chocolate/cedar aromas from the French oak. Great balance between fruit and oak will allow superb ageing in the bottle for 10 years and more. The ideal match to spicy Indian dishes or a well matured rump/sirloin steak.

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