Anri Truter wins the 2012 Diners Club …

Anri Truter with his wife Nadia (left) receiving the prized award

On Saturday 3 November Anri Truter won the Diners Club Young Winemaker of the Year Award with the 2010 Diesel Pinotage.  This prestigious award was won by his father, Beyers Truter, 25 years earlier, as the Winemaker of the Year for 1987.  Clearly the gift of crafting exceptional wines runs in the family!

Although any type of red wine, straight cultivar or blend, was considered for this award, it was our straight Pinotage that secured the title, reaffirming our faith and conviction in Pinotage’s ability to produce outstanding wines.

Congratulations to Anri and the whole Beyerskloof team for this achievement.  Beyerskloof has accumulated a number of trophies and awards over the years and this new addition to our silverware will certainly put a sparkle on the shelf.

To read a Q&A session with Anri, click here…

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